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Huminic Powder

Huminic Powder

HUMINIC POWDER provides many good things for your koi. Huminic Powder provides those necessary minerals that you koi are lacking in artificial ponds. Suspened particles in the water clump so as to go down the drain making your pond clear. Ammonia and other harmful materials are absorbed. Improved water quality promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The 10 kg package will treat 48,000 gallons.

Always dissolve the Huminic Powder in a bucket of water before adding to the pond and distribute this solution evenly all over the pond's surface.

The main feature of the Huminic Powder is that it can absorb ammonia while adding vital minerals helping to revitalise the natural balance of your pond. Huminic Powder will help reduce blanket weed growth in the process. Naturally improved water quality promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Dose: Add 100 g per 1000 gallons once every two weeks

10 kg packet will treat 48,000 gallons.

Use: Dissolve the measured Huminic Powder into a bucket of water before distributing this solution evenly over the pond's surface.

Features of Huminic Powder :

Huminic Powder 3 kg
£ 40.00
Huminic Powder 5 KG
£ 55.00
Huminic Powder 10 KG
£ 105.00
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