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Chlorine Tester

Chlorine Tester

At last, No More Guessing and assuming that the Raw Tap Water that you are running into your pond has a 'Safe' Chlorine Level, in 99% of cases that is clearly not the case, and Chlorine can be and has been proven time and time again to be a 'Killer'

But at Last there is now a Tester for Chlorine, straight from Japan comes this latest aid for the Koi and Pond Keeper alike.

This superb, extremely handy, Chlorine Tester is available direct from Koi Carp.

The Test Meter has 5 illumination points ranging from 'O' to the maximum reading of 1.20 ppm (high danger level) and all that is required is to depress the 'On' button and lower the probe into the water, moving in slightly side to side to obtain an accurate reading, the lights will illuminate to show the value of the Chlorine content in the water being tested.

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