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PRO Line Automatic Top Up System

PRO Line Automatic Top Up System

PRO Line Automatic TopUp System

The PRO Line auto top-up is connected to the mains water supply and lets water into the pond when the desired water level drops.

Simply set the level sensor at your desired water level, connect the water supply to the control box, using the flow indicator.

With the PRO-line auto top-up it is possible to create a fully automated system.

NEW Pro-Line Electronic Automatic Top Up System,

Complete with float switch, voltage adaptor and click fit hose fittings.

Never have to worry about toping up your pond again.

No more in and out waiting and watching in case the pond overflows ect.
Will auto top up when needed. Fit the auto top up system and make life easier.

PRO Line Automatic Top Up System
£ 274.95
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