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Oase Dechlorinator

Oase Dechlorinator

The Oase Dechlorinator is ideal for either new pond setups or well established koi ponds when you want to add fresh tap water.

It will ensure your tap water is free of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals making the water totally safe for your fish.

Its simple to install with standard hose connectors supplied so there is no need to add liquid dechlornator which can be sometimes time consuming. You can simply hook it up to your outside tap and leave it until the pond is full.
The Oase Dechlorinator is compact in size so its easy to store, it can filter a massive 200,000 litres of water before the unit has to be replaced. It has a maximum flowrate of 500lph so it will be fine with most households water pressure.

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Oase Dechlorinator
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