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Hilux Water Purifier

Hilux Water Purifier

The high performance "HILUX" series is similar to systems used by the BKKS for their National Show since 1992 and by many other Sections and 1000s of koi-keepers, both professional and hobbyist throughout the UK. Designed exclusively for Purity on Tap and subjected to thorough independent evaluation to provide a spectrum of contaminant removal which other purifiers struggle to match.

The series relies on the super-efficient "SHORT-TRAVEL" carbons- 5 times more efficient than granular carbon and both compact and very economical to operate, putting professional levels of contaminant removal within the scope of the Koi enthusiast.

Intended to reduce average levels of Free Chlorine to the accepted "safe" level for aquatic species and remove a host of other contaminants including Pesticides, Insecticides, VOCs and reduce Chloramine*, THMs etc. and minimise commonly encountered levels of "Heavy Metals" and show a useful reduction of COPPER, ALUMINIUM SULPHATE and some MANGANESE at flows of up to 5 gallons per minute.

SPECIFICATION: Fully factory-warranted. 2 X 10" HOUSINGS, holding 11.5 million sq.ft of "SHORT-TRAVEL" carbon, preceded, in our "Clearview" housing to permit visual inspection of incoming contaminants, by the rated "SEDEX" PRE-FILTER• The "effective life indicator" gauge monitors carbon performance. Supplied as standard with 1" ports, 3/4" couplings, 1/2" hosetails and integral flow control tap, for accurate setting. (15" high x 17" long and 7" deep).

HILUX Purifier
£ 281.50
HILUX Purifier Bracket
£ 26.95
HILUX SEDEX - Individual Pre Cartridge
£ 16.99
HILUX Carbon - Individual Cartridge
£ 75.50
HILUX Cartridge Set - 2 Cartridges
£ 89.95
Replacement Pre Filter Case Spanner
£ 6.95
Replacement Carbon Filter Case Spanner
£ 13.95
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