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Virasure Koi Overview

Virasure Koi Overview

Virasure Koi is the most revolutionary advanced biosecure products for the Koi Keeper in the world.

Virasure Koi is an excellant product to defend your Koi from bacterial ulceration, fin rot and fungal attack. Results can be seen within 12 hours of application to the water for mild finrot infections.

We stock the complete range of Virasure Koi products, including hand spray in two different sizes.

What is Virasure Koi.

Virasure Koi was developed to generate a unique balance in a Koi pond, by creating a conditioning tablet that has a positive impact against pathogens for the koi keeper, with out decreasing the efficiency of the biological filter. Virasure Koi is one of the most modern disinfectants available, it has been developed over the last 25 years and incorporates all the advancements in science and bio-security required by modern fish farmers. Virasure Koi is the most up to date advanced disinfectant in the world.

Virasure Koi doesn't contain harmful detergents, so has little impact on the environment, unlike some disinfectants which are known to cause health problems in fish.

Virasure Koi uniquely formulated highly virucidal disinfectant is safe to use with Koi and other more sensitive species like Orfe and Sturgeon.

Used regularly in the pond, Virasure Koi will help control viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds. It can be used as a bio-security disinfectant for quarantining new koi, cleaning equipment and foot baths on fisheries.

Virasure Koi is approved by DEFRA for control of notifiable diseases such as Infectious Salomon Anaemia and Koi Herpes virus.

Virasure Koi and the way it sanitises water with the presence of Koi is not seen as a medication or treatment under the UK's medicines legislation but as a preventative measure. Virasure Koi can be used in the UK as it is fully bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Always dose your pond at the correct rates as provided by instructions on the box.

How to use Virasure Koi.

Virasure-Koi is primarily used as a pond conditioner but can also be used as a powerful disinfectant for sanitising equipment. It has now been used safely for in water sanitisation against serious pathogens at up to 20g per 5000Litres (1000 UK gallons) in many thousands of ponds in the UK, Ireland, Holland, Denmark and worldwide.

Virasure Koi will have an anti bacterial effect on the biological filters, however at the dose rates suggested for normal pond conditioning it will have a no negative impact, the filter media is so rich with bacteria with an active food source that the bacteria will increase in numbers quicker than Virasure Koi can inhibit growth. Test have shown that if overdosing has occurred during a serious infection out break, no negative effects on the filters have been observed.

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Virasure Koi Pond Conditioning Tablets

Virasure Koi Pond Conditioning Tablets

Virasure Koi Pond Conditioning Tablets20% Extra Free!!Package contains 60 x Tablets for the same price as 50!!One Tablet Treats 5000ltrs (1000 Gallons)Virasure Koi Pond Conditioning Tablets are the most advanced... (click on image for more details)
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