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Shinsuke Filter Sand

Shinsuke Filter Sand

Shinsuke Filter Sand is a unique bacterial preparation. The origin of the Shinsuke Filter Sand bacteria is in Japan where they have been produced and used for the past 35 years. The unique feature of this bacteria is that, in comparison to other bacterial cultures, it breaks down more pollutants.

Regular bacterial cultures breakdown only Ammonia (NH3) and Nitrite (NO2), but Shinsuke Filter Sand also breaks down Nitrate (NO3). Nitrate is an inorganic compound which will inhibit the growth and reproduction of the fish population. When the nitrate is filtered out of the water the fish grow quicker and indeed longer, becoming true jumbos. Shinsuke Filter Sand will also contribute positively on assuring a good and stable water quality.

In addition Shinsuke Filter Sand will assist with the below.

Shinsuke Filter Sand User Instructions.

Sprinkle by preference Shinsuke Filter Sand into the filter, or the opening to the filter. If you have a UV or ozone system make sure to turn it off for the next 12 hours.

Shinsuke Filter Sand 500 gsm
£ 39.95
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