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Shinsuke Bio Sponge

Shinsuke Bio SpongeShinsuke Bio Sponge

We are pleased to announce the best filter material for decomposing organic matter the Shinsuke Bio Sponge.

Other filters are able to clear away any waste and excrement, but cannot remove other organic material, such as mucous membranes, koi urine, zooplankton carcass, phytoplankton and other microscopic organisms, as well as protein from food.

Only bacteria can remove all of these. The important feature of Shinsuke Bio Sponge , which separates it from other filter material, is its ability to form BIO FILM, and it is within this BIO FILM that these important bacteria are present.

The material of Shinsuke Bio Sponge is a particular sponge-like material, specifically invented and designed for forming BIO FILM. As such, Shinsuke Bio Sponge has a high retention ratio for bacteria, which is hard to reduce, even when located under water or by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

When considering previous practices, filter mat and brushes have been used for years in the koi keeping world, however they are only efficient at collecting rubbish/waste, which can then turn into sludge. Therefore, it is not too much to say that the combination of filter mat and brushes, is a way of producing sludge in a filter.

Sludge is bad organic matter and is a main cause for deterioration of water quality as it causes the pH to drop. Also, sludge produces germs and increases the risk of disease and illness in the koi pond.

So in summary, filter mat and brushes can contain and collect waste, but cannot clean water.

Shinsuke Bio Sponge
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