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Delta UV E Series

Delta UV E SeriesDelta UV E SeriesDelta UV E Series

The Delta UV E Series unit is a Ultraviolet Sanitizer and Clarifier designed specifically for the koi industry and are made of 8 inch UV inhibited PVC housing with four mounting feet and PVC electrical enclosure bonnet.

The Delta UV E Series have earned an outstanding reputation for quality, functionality, performance and reliability. Four different models serve systems with water max flow rates from 7000 lph to 25000 lph

The Delta UV E Series models feature electronic ballasts in an easily removable plastic enclosure. An automatic on/off control is activated when water stops flowing in the chamber, which prevents overheating and solarizing of the quartz tube and lamp.

Pond water containing unwanted contaminates enters the Delta UV E Series unit's wet chamber and is exposed to the light rays generated by the UV bulb. The Delta UV E Series unit has been designed to allow for some turbidity in the water, as turbidity will reduce the UV light wave transmission capability. Therefore, all Delta UV E Series units are sized for a minimum two second exposure time to allow for possible turbidity in the water and the reduction in the killing power of the UV bulb when it nears the end of its useful life. When the incoming water is exposed for this duration, the water exiting the unit is near drinking water biological quality.

E & Es Series Specifications

TypePond SizeMax PressureFlow RateUV-C DoseDiaUV Lamps
Delta UV E 5 SeriesUp to 5000 gallons3 Bar7000 lph30mJ/cm2200 mm1 x 35 watt
Delta UV E 15 SeriesUp to 10000 gallons3 Bar13000 lph30mJ/cm2200 mm1 x 55 watt
Delta UV E 20 SeriesUp to 20000 gallons3 Bar18000 lph30mJ/cm2200 mm1 x 90 watt
Delta UV E 40 SeriesUp to 40000 gallons3 Bar25000 lph30mJ/cm2200 mm1 x 110 watt

Within the Delta UV E Series Unit a high intensity electrically operated Ultraviolet (UV) bulb is located inside the unit’s wet chamber. This UV bulb gives off Ultraviolet light wave emissions when lit. The bulb’s operating emission range is within the Ultraviolet light wave spectrum at 253.7 nm of wavelength. This wavelength is such that when bacteria, protozoa, viruses, algae spores, or other single celled waterborne microorganisms in the incoming water flow are exposed to the light waves of the UV bulb for one second or more exposure time, the DNA of the microorganism is altered or disrupted, which controls and eradicates these unwanted contaminates and renders them harmless.

Delta UV E 5 upto 5000 Gallons
£ 595.00
Delta UV E 15 upto 10000 Gallons
£ 645.00
Delta UV E 20 upto 20000 Gallons
£ 675.00
Delta UV E 40 upto 40000 Gallons
£ 745.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA 5 - 35 watt HO Lamp
£ 75.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA 10 - 45 watt HO Lamp
£ 85.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA 15 - 55 watt HO Lamp
£ 95.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA 20 - 90 watt HO Lamp
£ 105.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA 40 - 110 watt HO Lamp
£ 145.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 5 - 1 inch Quartz Tube
£ 60.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 10 - 1 inch Quartz Tube
£ 65.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 15 - 1 inch Quartz Tube
£ 70.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 20 - 1 inch Quartz Tube
£ 75.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 40 - 1 inch Quartz Tube
£ 85.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 5 10 - Replacement Ballast
£ 155.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP 15 20 40 - Replacement Ballast
£ 155.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP - Pressure Gauge
£ 20.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP/EA Replacement Quartz Tube O Ring Gasket
£ 10.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP Quartz Tube Nut
£ 10.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP Replacement Bottom Union - White
£ 10.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP Replacement Top Union - Gauge Clear
£ 10.00
Delta UV E/ES/EP - Flat O Ring Inlet/Outlet Gasket (set of 2)
£ 10.00
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