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Bio UV Professional

Bio UV Professional

The Bio UV Professional is probably the worlds best UV system made from 316L Stainless Steel. With a 6" Body and 2-3" returns for today's high flow system. The Bio UV Professional incorporates a single lamp for ponds up to 30,000 gallons, with a long life lamp of 9000 hours. All units are IPS4 rating. Kills 99.9% of algae spores, bacteria and viruses.

How it works

It has been long known that ultraviolet lamps at a wavelength of 254 nanometers, or 2537 Angstrom, have high bactericidal, virucidal and algicidal properties. Type C ultraviolet eradicates germs by aggressively disrupting the cell metabolisms leading to their destruction. These lamps should not be mistaken for ozone producing lamps, which operate at different wavelengths. Ultraviolet radiation is measured in micro watts/second/cm2.

The key elements for efficient disinfecting are based, on one hand on the exposure time (i.e the ratio between the size of the pond and the flow rate through the filter) , and on the other hand, on the energy emitted in micro watts/second/cm2 at the furthest point from the lamp. Performance is measured in milijoules (mj) by combining the energy emitted by the lamp and the exposure time. The Bio UV range UV-C lamps work at levels above the minimum required to destroy the principle micro-organisms, which may be found in Koi ponds. In addition thanks to the reflection produced by the stainless steel (316L) within the chamber, efficiency is increased by 20 to 30 %. Micro-organisms must, in theory be exposed for a minimum of 1 second. However, BIO-UV equipment specifications, depending on the flow rates, double the exposure time to 2 seconds, for optimal disinfecting. In order not to hinder the action of the UV-c it is important to have a high filtration quality so that large particles do not screen the radiation.


The Bio UV Professional offers a five-year warranty on the stainless steel chamber and a full year one-year warranty on all other components (including UV lamp). If installed according to manual.


The The Bio UV Professional system gives you the comfort of knowing that your water quality is superior to that of any other type of system, ease of installation, virtually no maintenance and optimum reliability.

Important Note: When ordering UV lamps please make sure you open the box to make sure the lamps are not broken before signing the delivery note, if the bulbs are damaged please sign the delivery note "Damaged" and refuse delivery.

A claim will ONLY be accepted if signed for as DAMAGED.

TypeCode.Pond SizeHeightWattGPHDiaKg
Bio UV 10PUV1000144Up to 4000 gallons42 cm33259915 cm7.6
Bio UV 20PUV1000145Up to 8000 gallons69 cm55450015 cm9
Bio UV 30PUV1000146Up to 15000 gallons94 cm87700015 cm11
Bio UV 40PUV1000147Up to 27000 gallons120 cm105900015 cm14
Bio-UV 10 professional UVC unit
£ 835.00
Bio-UV 20 professional UVC unit
£ 1045.00
Bio-UV 30 professional UVC unit
£ 1350.00
Bio-UV 40 professional UVC unit
£ 1725.00
Bio-UV 10 Replacement Lamp - 33 watt HO
£ 114.95
Bio-UV 20 Replacement Lamp - 55 watt HO
£ 124.95
Bio-UV 30 Replacement Lamp - 87 watt HO
£ 129.95
Bio-UV 40 Replacement Lamp - 105 watt HO
£ 164.95
Bio-UV 10 Replacement Quartz Sleeve LG324 Dia 25 mm
£ 95.00
Bio-UV 20 Replacement Quartz Sleeve LG594 Dia 25 mm
£ 115.00
Bio-UV 30 Replacement Quartz Sleeve LG840 Dia 25 mm
£ 135.00
Bio-UV 40 Replacement Quartz Sleeve LG1094 Dia 25 mm
£ 170.00
Bio-UV Quartz Guide
£ 10.00
Bio-UV Quartz O Ring Dia 25 mm
£ 10.00
Bio-UV Quartz Plastic Washer
£ 10.00
Bio-UV Quartz Locking Nut
£ 20.00
Bio-UV 10 Ballast 35-48 watt - Post Oct 2012
£ 155.00
Bio-UV 20/30 Ballast 60-95 watt - Post Oct 2012
£ 155.00
Bio-UV 40 Ballast 40-150 watt - Post Oct 2012
£ 155.00
Bio-UV 10 Ballast Pre Wired - Pre Oct 2012
£ 155.00
Bio-UV 20 30 Ballast Pre Wired - Pre Oct 2012
£ 155.00
Bio-UV 40 Ballast Pre Wired - Pre Oct 2012
£ 155.00
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