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Forza Vario 8000 (Variable Flow Pump)

Forza Vario 8000 (Variable Flow Pump)Forza Vario 8000 (Variable Flow Pump)

With the purchase of this pump you now have the ability to control the power consumption of your pump. The control unit enables you to control the amount of power the pump consumes. As soon as the pump is running, the display will show the actual consumption (wattage).

The Forza Vario 8000 has been developed specially for transportation of large amounts of water at low pressure.

Thanks to its big impeller wings even heavily polluted water can be displaced easily (up to 10mm waste particles).

The high capacity makes the Forza ideal for filter systems or as a watercourse pump. It is suited for both wet and dry installation (under water level).

An extra advantage of this pump is that you have control over the power consumption, and thus the capacity, to save even more energy in times you don’t need the maximum capacity (winter!).

The Vario pump consumes 25% less energy than a conventional pump. Comes complete with 1.5 inch split unions !

Choosing the right pump is an extremely important decision and if you get it wrong then you will either have to change it or more likely loose your valuable Koi through pumping either too much water or not enough.

When choosing a pump, whether it be a Submersible Pump or a Dry Surface Pump or even a Dual Purpose Pump be sure that the pump that you are thinking about buying will do the job properly,for example: If your pond has 5,000 gallons capacity then you need a pump that will deliver 2,500 gph (half the capacity of your pond) so that the water in your pond turns over once every 2 hours, but Please bear in mind that you will have restrictions in the pipework that will, in some cases, dramatically reduce the output flow to your pond, for example: Ultra Violet Clarifiers, length of pipework runs, how many bends you have fitted etc.

Forza Vario 8000 (Variable Flow Pump)
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