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Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater

Waterco Digiheat Pond HeaterWaterco Digiheat Pond Heater

Waterco Digiheat Pond Heaters are versatile and easy to use. Program your desired water temperature and let Waterco Digiheat do the rest.

Waterco Digiheat Pond Heaters incorporate the latest technology, advanced composite materials and inbuilt safety devices for dependability. Waterco Digiheat Pond heaters are easily installed on the floor, wall or along pipe work.

Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater key features:

Polymer coated heating elements

Waterco Digiheat’s heating elements are available with a Polymer coating that offers outstanding corrosion resistance. The coating also extends the product life and improves its
heating efficiency. Polymer coated heating elements have a longer life
expectancy than standard heating elements.

Temperature management & self-diagnosis

The desired water temperature is easy to set and the current pool temperature
is shown in the LED display.

Digiheat’s digital control panel provides a continuous digital pool temperature
display and incorporates a self diagnosis system. In the event of a problem,
the control panel will display diagnostic error codes.

Inbuilt protection

The integrity and performance of your pool heater and its components are
protected by built-in safety devices

Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater 2.4 kw (10 amp)
£ 400.00
Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater 3.6 kw (15 amp)
£ 430.00
Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater 4.8 kw (20 amp)
£ 470.00
Waterco Digiheat Pond Heater 6.0 kw (25 amp)
£ 620.00
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