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Dura Vi Heat Pumps

Dura Vi Heat PumpsDura Vi Heat PumpsDura Vi Heat Pumps

The leading-edge engineered Dura Vi heat pumps are superb ‘Step Less Full Inverter’ models which can achieve a COP of 13 and more. They have an innovative vertical design and are equipped with excellent components. This pump is capable of heating koi ponds all year round. 4 models are available from 11-24 kW.

Features and Benefits:

On/off versus Inverter heat pump

The heating capacity of a heat pump is crucial to maintain a constant water temperature. To achieve this, you can choose between a DURAHEAT heat pump with Inverter technology or with an on/off system.

Inverter technology makes it possible to reach high COPs regard-less of the ambient temperature. This technology controls the speed of the fan and the compressor. By running it in “boost” mode, you can achieve the desired temperature within a short lapse of time.

Once the water temperature is reached, the heat pump runs at reduced speed and the water temperature remains constant. As a result, a higher efficiency is achieved and your energy savings are substantial. The inverter heat pumps all have the “soft starter” function. This ensures a gradual start-up with minimal strain on your electrical installation.

Inverter technology offers another advantage as the lower speed of the fan and compressor reduce the sound of the heat pump considerably.

If you opt for an on/off heat pump, the pump will always run at its maximum capacity. As soon as the desired water temperature is reached, the pump switches off, is completely silent and does not consume any energy. From the moment the water temperature drops, the pump switches back on again. Both techniques are available within the DURAHEAT heat pump range and are continuously being optimised.

Dura Vi Heat Pumps features explained

FullFlowTM: ensures maximum water flow through your Dura Vi Heat Pump. It is no longer necessary to install a bypass to regulate the flow of water. This is a definite installation advantage applicable to almost all DURAHEAT heat pumps.

Plug and play: compact heat pump, that you can connect your-self.

NoFrostTM: technology and materials used to ensure that your heat pump does not freeze during winter.

HotDefrostTM: revolutionary technology that removes frost without cooling off the water of your koi pond. In about 3 minutes, the outer housing of your heat pump is automatically defrosted. Ideal for koi ponds and smaller pond volumes as it prevents abrupt cooling which is a well-known issue with traditional defrosting systems.

No corrosion housing: all the components of the DURAHEAT heat pumps are made exclusively from non-corroding materials and guarantee a longer lifespan.

CondensFluxTM: many models of the DURAHEAT heat pumps are equipped with a smart design that gathers condensed water from the heat pump housing in one place and drains it via a small pipe. This way you avoid a water-puddle around your pump that could be mistaken for a leak.

Vertical heat pumps: these heat pumps are more efficient compared to horizontal heat pumps. They make less noise and require less space in terms of configuration with regard to the airflow. The design of the heat pump housing looks much nicer.

DURALINK: the ‘V’, ‘Vi’ and ‘Pro’ DURAHEAT heat pumps can be operated wirelessly via remote control

Duratech Dura V11i Heat Pump - Ponds up to 6600 gallons
£ 2295.00
Duratech Dura V15i Heat Pump - Ponds up to 8800 gallons
£ 2495.00
Duratech Dura V20i Heat Pump - Ponds up to 11000 gallons
£ 2895.00
Duratech Dura V24i Heat Pump - Ponds up to 14300 gallons
£ 3295.00
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