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Pro Digi-Stat Controller with 3 m Probe

Pro Digi-Stat Controller with 3 m Probe

Pro Digi-Stat Controller

The Pro Digi-Stat is designed to give automatic temperature control for Koi ponds. Operating in the range of 0° to 30°C this highly accurate stat will hold the water temperature within ± 0.1°C. The unit is programmed with an automatic temperature gradient control which eliminates temperature shock for the fish when changing settings.

The unit will operate most boilers, motorized valves. A large clear display and easy setting mode make this a very user friendly thermostat.

The Pro Digi-Stat is fully adjustable, waterproof (splash proof) and ideal for Gas or Oil installations. Complete with 3 m probe and power connections. LED display. IP68 rated

In fact this Pro Digi-Stat uses the very same control system as the very popular Elecro heaters which I can asure you are the best heaters on the market !

Pro Digi-Stat Controller with 3 m Probe
£ 124.95
Pro Digi-Stat 3 m Probe
£ 14.95
Pro Digi-Stat 6 m Probe
£ 17.95
Pro Digi-Stat 10 m Probe
£ 22.95
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