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Turbovortex Solids Separator Prefilter

Turbovortex Solids Separator Prefilter

The Turbovortex Solids Separator is a patented prefilter that sits in front of your pump. It is designed to stop large solids such as string algae, pine needles, leaves, and fish waste before they get into the strainer basket of you pump or your filter. This translates into a marked decrease in pump strainer basket cleaning and decreased solids in the filter. Reducing strainer basket opening speaks for itself, however reducing the solids that make it into your filter will greatly improve the biofiltration efficiency of the filter. The longer the beads go in a clean rather than a clogged condition, the more biosurface is available for ammonia conversion.

Reducing the solids in the main filter will also decrease the backwash time and the amount of water that is lost with backwash. As you can see, having a prefilter that stops the large solids has many advantages and to top it off the Turbovortex Solids Separator is backwashable. There is no need for wet and dirty hands in cleaning the Turbovortex Solids Separatorand you will be set free from daily strainer basket opening.

What is the best thing you can do for your filter? Keep solids out of it so it can do what it really is supposed to do and that is handle solubles and not solids. This is truly the answer to the problem of removing solids so you can have a more efficient filter. The Turbovortex fits between the pond and your pump catching solids and waiting to be backwashed which is as simple as moving a valve and the solids are gone to waste, a simple 1 minute operation about once a week.

*Note* The Turbovortex Solids Separator is a suction vessel and it is not recommended for installations that are elevated above the pond level. It is best to install it as below or as close to pond water level as possible. This will help in maintaining prime and reduce the vacuum (negative) pressure the tank and unions must withstand

Turbovortex Solids Separator
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