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Trickle Towers

Trickle Towers

The largest fibreglass Trickle Tower on the Market!

These Trickle Towers will vastly improve the clarity of your water and improve the oxygen content in your pond. Trickle Towers will also help to reduce the nitrate levels, which, in turn, keep the growth of blanket weed down.

Unlike other systems, these Trickle Towers can be placed away from the pond. If you prefer it out of sight, you only need to pipe it back to your pond.

These Trickle Towers are designed by Koi keepers, this quality product will not be beaten on price anywhere!

Small Trickle Towers Spec:

Large Trickle Towers Spec:

Both Trickle Towers include lid, the image above shows an open bottom system, but these can also come with an optional side weir or front weir, or even a tank connector outlet if you want to stand them away from the pond.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Trickle Tower Small
£ 395.00
Trickle Tower Large
£ 495.00
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