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Elecro Powerbead

Elecro Powerbead

The Elecro Powerbead is the ultimate Bead Filtration System revolutionary PATENTED design offering unrivalled reliability, efficiency & enhanced performance.

Unlike conventional bubblebead filters the NEW Elecro Powerbead is equipped with a side mount closed circuit floating impellor agitation pump and twin discharge chamber jets.

Elecro Powerbead features:

ModelHeavy StockLight StockBead QuantityIndicative Flow RateFilter Dimensions
PB8513,600-litres / 3000 UK Gallons22,700-litres / 5000 UK Gallons13-kg6000 - 10,000-litres per hourØ 47 x 98cm
PB20022,700-litres / 5000 UK Gallons40,900-litres / 9000 UK Gallons26-kg8000 - 15,000-litres per hourØ 67 x 110cm
Elecro Powerbead

Elecro PowerBead Components

  1. Purpose Built Top Mount 6-Way Multi-Port Valve
  2. Neck Clamp
  3. Sealing Ring
  4. Large 18" Diameter Bead Chamber
  5. High Quality Durable Base
  6. Patented Ball Diffuser
  7. Twin Discharge Jets
  8. High Velocity Agitation Pump With Floating Impellor
  9. Secondary Bottom Drain
  10. Waste Drain Located At The Lowest Possible Part Of The Filter Body

Elecro Powerbead Dimensions....

Overall Height 955mm Height of Body 730mm - Diameter 650mm

PB85 Powerbead Filter
£ 545.00
PB200 Powerbead Filter
£ 695.00
Powerbead Filter Media 20 kg
£ 90.00
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