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Answer 325 and 410

Answer 325 and 410

The ‘Answer’ is designed to fit to exit pipe work within the primary settlement stage or prime mechanical filtration chambers, whether pump or gravity fed, from the pond.

Main Beneifts

The water entering ‘The Answer’ generally comes from the bottom of the pond and contains dust, leaves and fish feces, amongst other solids.

At this stage, it is important to stop all ‘mechanical’ solids from entering the biological stage, the more mechanically clean the water, the more effectively the biological stage will work – hence the development of ‘The Answer’.

‘The Answer’ is a mechanical, self-backwashing fine-screen filter, which is low maintenance and gives excellent water clarity and quality, whilst protecting the bio stage from unwanted solids.

Answer 325Answer 410
325mm diameter
272mm deep
150 micron screen
Max flow rate 10,000 litres/2,202 gallons per hour
410mm diameter
336mm deep
100 micron screen
Max flow rate 13,000 litres/2,863 gallons per hour
Answer 410
C a l l
C a l l
Answer 325
C a l l
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