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Kusuri Lithaqua Media kH Buffer

Kusuri Lithaqua Media kH Buffer

Kusuri Lithaqua is a marine mineral with a high content of minerals, trace elements and carbonates. It brings them into your pond and thereby adjusts the mineral balance and improves the water quality. Use it as pond substrate for bacteria to grow on and for fish to play in, or use it as a filter medium.

Modern multi-chamber filters contain mainly plastic media. Those are excellent supports for bacteria but they do not add anything to water quality. It is important to fill at least one filter chamber (preferably the last chamber) with Kusuri Lithaqua. It provides an enormous surface area for bacteria 10 to 20 times more than most plastic filter media) and provides the bacteria with essential nutrients.

Kusuri Lithaqua neutralises acid pH and helps to restore carbonate alkalinity.

Lithaqua is a marine mineral high in trace elements and carbonates, ideal for raising KH values. A superb filter media of porous construction, allowing a huge surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Modern filter chambers contain many and varied plastic media, these provide good support - but Lithaqua goes one stage further. Not only do the beneficial bacteria draw on nutrients from the mineral support, the media has a massive surface area up to 20 times greater than most plastic media.

Lithaqua is a biological media not intended for mechanical stages.

Use Lithaqua in a clean water chamber after mechanical removal of waste. Lithaqua is far more efficient than crushed oyster shells, and the high level of carbonates will improve carbonate alkalinity in soft water regions, neutralising low acid pH and buffer swings in pH.

Kusuri Lithaqua 1 kg
£ 10.95
Kusuri Lithaqua 5 kg
£ 19.95
Kusuri Lithaqua 10 kg
£ 29.95
Kusuri Lithaqua 20 kg
£ 49.95
Kusuri 300mm x 500mm net sack for Lithaqua
£ 2.95
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