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Vacuum Kit Complete

Vacuum Kit Complete

Pond Vacuums have been around, and have been used on Koi and other Garden Ponds now for many years. Generally the Pond Vacuum is a simple to use piece of equipment, but today with technology as it is the choice and variety of choosing a suitable Pond Vacuum for your own particular requirements, has been made much easier.

First of all and quite naturally we are going to feature 'Our Own' Pond Vacuum Kit on which the pump itself is based on the most favoured and reliable Speck Badu pump range.

The actual heart of the vacuum is of course the pump itself, the power source and for this we choose, without any doubt, to use the Speck Badu Magic or if you need a little more then the Speck Badu Top 6, this pump really does pull the filth and grime from the bottom of the pond without any effort.

Naturally as you would expect the water and sludge being lifted from the bottom of the pond is filtered out in a large filter basket contained in the front of the pump housing, this housing has a clear, easily removable, top which simply unscrews to enable the basket to be lifted out and emptied when it is full, this of course prevents the fine grit and other sharp objects from being drawn in through the impeller where it could cause damage to the bearings and plates.

The pump is powerful enough to draw the grime etc from the bottom of the pond without spreading it all over, a good suction is essential to prevent this happening and the Speck Badu range of pumps can easily cope well with this drawing in the region of 2,000 gallons per hour.

The Waste water that flows through the pump contains millions of fine particles and we do not recommend that this water should be retuned to the pond, instead the waste water should be flushed to any surface water waste outlet where it can freely flow into the main sewerage system.

Vacuum Kit comprises of:

It carries a full 12 month guarantee as with most of our products.

Another Option if you do already have a spare Dry Surface pump that is capable of pumping somewhere in the region of between 1500 gallons - 2200 gallons per hour, is for you to simply purchase the special 'Hoover Kit' we have available

This kit comprises of a Hoover Head fitted underneath with stiff brush modules, an extendable pole which extends from 6ft to 12ft, 10 m of Vacuum Hose and two 1.5 inch Stepped hose tail's to fit into both the inlet and outlets on your own pump, everything you will need.

Vacuum Kit Complete - Badu Magic 6 Pump (1980 gph)
£ 419.95
Vacuum Kit Complete - Badu Top 6 Pump (2200 gph)
£ 449.95
Vacuum Kit Complete on Trolley - Badu Magic 6 Pump (1980 gph)
£ 519.95
Vacuum Kit Complete on Trolley - Badu Top 6 Pump (2200 gph)
£ 549.95
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