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Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum CleanerPondovac 5 Pond Vacuum CleanerPondovac 5 Pond Vacuum CleanerPondovac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

The high-performance Oase PondoVac 5 pond vacuum works as a combination of suction turbine and feed pump. The Oase PondoVac 5 has the same tubes and nozzles as the PondoVac 4, in comparison it is even more powerful, the PondoVac 5 offers up to 40% more capacity. 

The Oase PondoVac 5 capacity is approx. 8,000 litres per hour. It also pumps the polluted water over height differentials up to a maximum particle size of 15 mm. Larger particles are collected by the debris bag.

The PondoVac 5 presents itself in a new colour scheme and is extremely mobile and manoeuvrable through its big rubberised wheel design.

A floating hose set available with 10 meter hose (38 mm), including telescopic rod adapter, is available for the Oase PondoVac 5 as an option. The provided nozzles can then be used with the floating hose.

Oase Pondovac 5 Product characteristics

OASE PondoVac 5 is new and improved version by premier German brand Oase. Innovations for this new model include a pumped waste outlet that makes the unit capable of pumping waste water uphill instead of having to rely on gravity discharge as with the previous models in this range.

Pondovac 5 Pond Vacuum Cleaner
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