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Pressure Flexible Hose Solvent Weld

Pressure Flexible Hose Solvent WeldPressure Flexible Hose Solvent Weld

Pressure Flexible Hose Solvent Weld

Pressure Flexible Hose is a very strong, thick walled PVC based hose that is reinforced for extra strength. It can not be crushed and is very difficult to damage or distort. Designed to be solvent welded into metric and imperial pressure pipe fittings and is therefore ideal where difficult, complex pipe runs are necessary. Ideal for underground as well as above ground applications. Will not split or go brittle with time.

Pressure Flexible Hose Solvent WeldOur Grey Pressure Flexible PVC Pipe is perfect for use with ponds and other applications where the use of rigid pipe is either not practical or not desirable. Strong and long lasting this hose is extremely flexible and can easily be routed in any direction necessary without the use of multiple fittings, thus simplifying plumbing layouts and the installation of your job.

It can be used in areas where space is limited and or in situations that simply will not accommodate rigid pipe. Our Flexible PVC Pipe easily conforms to almost any contour. A rigid internal PVC spiral (helix) resists crushing and impact issues and this PVC pipe can be used for above-ground or under ground installations.

With a precision controlled outside diameter, it can be easily glued using standard pressure pipe fittings and any good, commercially available PVC glue for flexible or rigid PVC. It eliminates back pressure caused by sharp turns created by multiple fittings, which increases the efficiency of your system and lowers your overall operating/energy cost. Each fitting eliminated with this highly flexible pipe is one less fitting that can fail and cause your system to leak. It also coils easily for storage and transport.

It is specifically designed for use in the installation and maintenance of ponds, pools, watering systems, spas, hot tubs, swimming pools, irrigation, drain lines and other similar water transfer applications where flexibility and ease of use is demanded.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using Griffon WDF-05 Wet & Dry Fast Curing Cement with the Pressure Flexible Hose Solvent Weld and fittings.

You will need to glue the Converter Socket listed below on to the end of the grey pressure flexible pipe to get back on to Grey Pressure pipe and fittings.

Flexible Hose Solvent Weld 50 mm per meter
£ 6.95
Flexible Hose Solvent Weld 63 mm per meter
£ 9.95
Flexible Hose Solvent Weld 50 mm 25 m Roll
£ 129.95
Flexible Hose Solvent Weld 63 mm 25 m Roll
£ 189.95
Griffon WDF-05 Wet & Dry Fast Curing Cement 250 ml
£ 12.95
1.5 inch x 50 mm Converter Socket
£ 3.95
2 inch x 63 mm Converter Socket
£ 4.95
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