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Ozone Static Mixing Tube

Ozone Static Mixing Tube

The Ozone Static Mixing Tube comes with standard 6 mm air hose connectors and can instantly be connected to the existing air supply. The Ozone Static Mixing Tube mixes the air with the water flow.

The Stainless steel blades assure an optimum mix of air with the water due to the circulation of the water. Also these blades “smash” big air bubbles, into smaller air bubbles which ensures better oxyge absorption.

The static mixer has a relatively low resistance so that economical pumps can be used. Optimum flow 8 - 12m³/hour.

This Ozone mixing tube has clever designed internals that mix the Ozone gas (03) into the water flowing through.

This is the same as, but a much larger mixing tube which can be found on the new UVC-Ozone system.

Ozone Static Mixing Tube
£ 129.95
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