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Oase Promax Pumps

Oase Promax Pumps

With the Oase Promax range, OASE presents a highly innovative pump range for use as filter pumps in garden ponds.

The two separately controlled motor units, which are also physically separated from each other, represent the special feature of this range. They make it possible for the operator to conveniently turn the pumps on or off individually with the radio remote control unit which is supplied as standard equipment. In this regard, please note that the dimming function affects all switched on pumps at the same time.

This means: Specific flow-rate reduction at the touch of a button, with the benefit that power consumption is reduced by up to half. The filter activities are noticeably more effective when flow-rates are regulated.

Result: The sought-after goal of “clear water” is achieved quicker. The large strainer ensures long service life. The handling size for debris particles and fish waste etc. is 8 mm. The unique combination of surface skimmer and pond floor filtering is possible with this range because the Promax has 2 suction inlets.

The following operative purposes result:

The polluted pond water is introduced into a filter system via both suction inlets. Thus, large quantities of water are filtered in a short time.

The Promax range of filter pumps have 2 suction inlets that enable the combination of surface skimmer and normal pond water removal.

OASE Promax 20000
£ 559.99
OASE Promax 30000
£ 619.99
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