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Oase Lake Management

Oase Proficlear M1

Oase Proficlear M1

Oase Proficlear M1 Whether the OASE modular filtration system is operated as a gravity fed filter in the ground or as a pump fed version. The Proficlear M1 pump chamber ensures the correct positioning of the filtration pump: For reducing pressure losses For safe set-up in swimming ponds in compliance with standards For simple maintenance and over wintering For p

Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000 (OASE Optimax 10000)

Oase Aquamax Gravity Eco 10000 (OASE Optimax 10000)

Unique, economical gravity filter pump, optimal for use in koi ponds and swimming ponds. Energy efficient pump with increased flow capacity. A new hydraulic concept ensures high circulation volumes. The Oase Optimax Pump range are without doubt the most efficient and frugal pumps on the market today and are fantastically cheap to run. With all new electronically controlled electric mot

Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

Oase Floating Lake Skimmer 250 LM

The Oase Skimmer 250 LM is a high-performance floating skimmer that keeps up to 250 m² of surface water clean. The floating skimmer is particularly well suited for bodies of water with significant water level fluctuation, and it can be flexibly implemented where pollutants accumulate.The system takes up pollutants via a skimmer flap that is 52 cm in width. Pollutants are gathered in

Oase Aqua Air 250 LM

Oase Aqua Air 250 LM

The Oase Aqua Air 250 LM is a floating aerator that provides an adequate supply of oxygen for bodies of water up to 250,000 litres. A pump supplies the air/water mixture to the artificial pond or lake via the venturi principle. The high volume flow guarantees air supply in the entire body of water through strong flow movements. Deep zones as well as shallow water zones can be optimally s

Oase Lake Management Oase Lake Management products are designed for large ponds up to lakes, a wide range of available products including lake skimmers and large filters.

Oase Lake Management is a range of products designed for larger bodies of water, such as lakes and large ponds, in a wide variety of settings. Ideal for golf courses, hotel grounds, commercial settings, etc.

For decades the name Oase has stood for creative design with the element water. The tailored product systems satisfy the most rigorous quality specifications and thus ensure peerless water quality with low maintenance and energy requirements. Wherever people use bodies of water intensively we help nature to regenerate itself, and thus enable sustainable, good water quality.

Innovative products for creative design complete the overall picture of the water landscape.

The maintenance, care and staging of natural and cultivated bodies of water is the central task of OASE Lake Management. OASE offers professional solutions for designing bodies of water of all types:

Bodies of water on golf courses

Golf, the sporting experience in a natural environment casts its spell on an ever-increasing number of people. Idyllic golf course architecture with challenging obstacles, such as watercourses and lakes, offers the ideal prerequisite for sportand excitement.

The beauty of a golf course is shaped by water. As an oasis of tranquillity a beautiful lake is an invitation to tarry and excitement reaches a high point when a water hazard must be overcome. Our task is to design and maintain this idyllic element. The requirements imposed on bodies of water on golf courses are particularly high: They should be clear, have a natural charm, and in many cases serve as watering systems for greens and fairways in dry periods. It is precisely these requirements that comprise our challenge: With our systems we deal with the environmentally harmful chemicals – and thus we satisfy a wide range of different requirements; such as whether a lake will be naturally integrated, or equipped with fountains, whether the body of water idyllically enhances the clubhouse, or whether the links will be designed to be a bit more challenging through water hazards.

Fish hatcheries

Whether commercial fish or ornamental fish, maintaining large fish stocks in a confined area is not easy. Inany case the crucial thing is to offer the fish optimal living conditions and thus maintain the value of thestock.

Healthy, disease-resistant fish are the capital of every fish hatchery. Fish only develop in accordance with requirements and a healthy stock is only guaranteed if the water quality is outstanding. With a large fish stock however algae growth can increase dramatically due to the high influx of nutrients caused for example by excreta or remnants of food.

Frequently the entire stock is at risk due to disease or toxic reactions. Consequently many fish hatchery operators – particularly those with large fish stock – rely on OASE for healthy and lively fish at all times.

Bodies of water in Zoos

Worldwide there are 1,800 zoos and animal parks, which are visited by more than 600 million people annually. The challenges they face are clear: To teach about the habitats of flora and fauna and protectendangered species.

Bodies of water in zoos impose the highest requirements on water quality and cleaning systems, because keeping wild animals in a nearly natural environment requires controlled water. OASE systems support the zoo keeper in maintaining water quality that is appropriate for the respective species.

Whether jungle pond or sea lion pool , OASE ensures the ideal reproduction of the habitat and the vitality of its inhabitants. Thus zoos and animal parks offer recreation that is just as exciting as it is educational, and they make a valuable contribution to maintaining the variety of species.

Natural ponds and lakes

Sit at the water's edge let your feet dangle in the water, take a walk along the shore, or enjoy an angler's solitude at sunset: Natural bodies of water are places of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nearly natural bodies of water offer refuge from the stress of daily life and relaxation when fishing or participating in water sports. However intensive recreational use brings stress along with it that nature mustdeal with on her own. Feeding swans and fish increases the nutrient content of the water, which is hard to break down without additional help. The consequences are algae growth and silt , not a pretty view in our nearby recreation areas that are so important for wellness and relaxation.

The OASE systems help to establish and maintain the natural balance of the water. Thus they enable leisure activities without stress and odour. Whether city park or castle moat – OASE helps keep your body of water attractive.

Swim Ponds

A swim pond is the most natural form of wellness, it combines the enjoyment of swimming and the experience of nature for young and old with living water, free of chemicals and their harmful effect on manand nature.

People looking for rejuvenation and swimming enthusiasts both enjoy the natural experience of water. Nearly natural swimming facilities increase wellness and are places of relaxation, exercise, and fun. A natural body of water free of chemicals, does the body and spirit good, without irritating skin and eyes.

Whether quiet laps in the morning, children splashing in the afternoon, or a party on a warm summer evening, a swim pond offers many possibilities and it can be integrated in any garden landscape. Sauna enthusiasts appreciate cooling off in invigorating cool water and thus strengthen their immune system. Atcampgrounds or in hotel facilities nearly natural bodies of water designed for swimming are enjoying increasing popularity.

Such facilities ensure that guests are comfortable and they are also appealing due to low maintenance andoperating costs.

Architectural bodies of water

Outstanding architecture includes water as a design element attractive water surfaces with exciting waterfalls create new spatial experiences.

The art of building has availed itself of the timeless beauty of water for many reasons, including designing free spaces, and to enhance the value of public and private buildings.

Modern architecture in particular likes to underline its timeless elegance with water as a design element, and at the same time achieve important objectives: Significant improvement of the spatial climate, or holding water that can be used to fight fires are important reasons that speak for a water installation in shoppingpassages or hotel facilities.

With high-quality OASE technology, clear water surfaces, and appealing fountains with impressive animation through the interplay of light and water are eye-catchers and meeting points.

Oase Lake Management

Oase Lake Management products are designed for large ponds up to lakes, a wide range of available products including lake skimmers and large filters.

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