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Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone CellAqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

The New Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell is our long-awaited, revolutionary ozone product!

Ozone has traditionally been a topic of hot debate among professional koi keepers. The fact is that ozone possesses loads of highly valuable characteristics, it removes colourants from the water; it converts toxic nitrite into relatively harmless nitrate; it removes bacteria, viruses and other pathogens; it kills green algae; and it raises the oxygen content of the water.

To date, however, ozone has been prohibitively expensive. Nor has its use been 100% safe. Conventional ozone generators produce ozone from the oxygen in the air. In order to do its job, the ozone then needs to be mixed with water, in a process that requires a huge amount of energy. Because some of the ozone goes to waste, the generator produces more ozone than is strictly required, to make sure that enough of it reacts with the water. As a result, too much ozone may end up in the pond water - a dangerous overdose for the fish living in the pond. In order to prevent this, a second unit needs to be installed alongside the ozone generator that is capable of breaking down the excess ozone. All in all, it's a process that is not just pretty complex, but extremely expensive to boot.

Alternatively, ozone can be produced with the aid of UV lamps like a UVOX lamp. It does have the advantage, though, of being less dangerous than generator-based production, although it still involves producing ozone from air.

The Aqua Forte KOIZO3 Ozone Cell, on the other hand, produces ozone from WATER!

A process of electrolysis is used to break down water into its two component parts: oxygen and hydrogen. The Ozone Cell also releases single oxygen atoms (i.e. O rather than O2 atoms) that instantly combine with oxygen molecules (O2) to form ozone (i.e. O3). Ozone is a highly reactive substance and tries to revert straightaway to its original form, thus causing the extra oxygen atom to react with an organic substance such as nitrite, a colourant, algae or a virus, which are then 'incinerated' by oxidation. The substance that remains after this oxidation process is pure oxygen.

The ozone leaves the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell in the form of tiny bubbles of gas. This is the great advantage of a successful water-based reaction: the smaller the particles, the better.

Advantages of the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

• Slow development of an increased redox-potential – optimum levels of all water parameters are maintained through the continuous presence of oxygen.
• Permanent micro-disinfection prevents a one-sided increase of e.g. pathogenic germs like Aeromonas salmonicidae, that have a detrimental effect on the equal expansion of an aerobe environment.
• No immediate threat to fish from increased ozone input compared to an ozone generator with electrical discharge.
• Toxic reactions from overdose levels do not occur.
• No surplus ozone produced.
• No personal risks in enclosed filter areas, as tolerated levels are never achieved.
• Capacity can be adapted according to pond size by using multiple OZONE-CELLS.
• Maintenance, requires only the replacement of the cell cores (2 - 4 times a year, dependant on water quality/hardness/pollution).
• This method of ozone production does not require dried air which produces sulphuric acid in the electrode chamber that often causes the pH to drop into the acid range.
• Ozone produced by electrolysis is highly efficient and effective.

It's been 2 years since the introduction of the Ozone Micro Cell. A revolutionary way to generate ozone for pond application. The use of these ozone cells in hard water ponds has proved to be very labour intensive due to calcium deposits.

Cell exchange was also higher in hard water environments. Koi Carp can now offer a solution to everyone owning a Ozone Micro Cell: the Soft Water Module!

The unit has to be filled with distilled/deionized water. The cell core is fitted directly into the module so the cells are only in contact with pure water. The ozone produced leaves the module through a small stainless steel capillary pipe that holds an ozone hose.

This ozone hose has a 3/8" fitting to connect with the pond pipe system to perform its oxidizing cycle. The only maintenance required is refilling the module with distilled water. The life-span of the ozone cells in this module is extended to at least one year! An additional benefit is the user can see the cell continuously at work by means of the rising ozone bubbles.

The Ozone Micro Cell KOIZO3 4 Cells is now standard equipped with this module. The Soft Water Module is supplied with a handy wall bracket for easy installation.

About the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

For the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell the water to be treated is also the fuel source. No other supplements are required. To produce ozone, only electrical energy is required to supply the cell core with power. Dependent on water quality (hardness/pollution) the cell core needs to be replaced (on average 3 - 4 times a year). Changing the cell within the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell is a simple process, similar to changing batteries. Replacement cell cores are available in an economically priced spares set.

The Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell comes in an easy to install 1½" male threaded fitting. This fitting is easy to install with an 1½" female threaded T-piece.

This is the clever part, the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell comes with transformer and control box which indicates the status of the ozone cell ("cell in operation", "replace cell" and "short-circuit").

Simply change the cells when the replace cell light comes on!

As there is no maximum flow rate the Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell can run with any pump speed. In case of extreme "hard" water (GH higher than 20°DH) it is not recommended to use the ozone cell due to the high maintenance of cleaning the cell from heavy calcium deposits.

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone CellKoizo3 Ozone Cell 1Koizo3 Ozone Cell 2Koizo3 Ozone Cell 3Koizo3 Ozone Cell 4

Ozone capacity [max. O3/h]

20 mg

40 mg

60 mg

80 mg

Ozone concentration in water phase

max. 750 ppb (= 0,75 mg.)

Electrolysis current


12 VDC

24 VDC

24 VDC

Electrolysis power

Nominal 200 mA


Max. + 6 bar (PN 6)

Power consumption

2 watt

4 watt

4 watt

4 watt

Max. Pond size in Litres

5000 Ltr

10000 Ltr

20000 Ltr

40000 Ltr

Max. Pond size in Gallons

1100 Gallons2200 Gallons4400 Gallons8800 Gallons

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell 4 Complete with Soft Water Module
£ 495.00
Replacement Ozone Micro Cell Core Set (4 Pieces)
£ 79.95
PVC Tee Piece 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch Female Thread
£ 9.95

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Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell Soft Water Module

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell Soft Water Module

It's been 2 years since the introduction of the Ozone Micro Cell. A revolutionary way to generate ozone for pond application. The use of these ozone cells in hard water ponds has proved to be very labour... (click on image for more details)
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