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Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell Soft Water Module

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell Soft Water Module
It's been 2 years since the introduction of the Ozone Micro Cell. A revolutionary way to generate ozone for pond application. The use of these ozone cells in hard water ponds has proved to be very labour intensive due to calcium deposits.

Cell exchange was also higher in hard water environments. Koi Carp can now offer a solution to everyone owning a Ozone Micro Cell: the Soft Water Module!

The unit has to be filled with distilled/deionized water. The cell core is fitted directly into the module so the cells are only in contact with pure water. The ozone produced leaves the module through a small stainless steel capillary pipe that holds an ozone hose.

This ozone hose has a 3/8" fitting to connect with the pond pipe system to perform its oxidizing cycle. The only maintenance required is refilling the module with distilled water. The life-span of the ozone cells in this module is extended to at least one year! An additional benefit is the user can see the cell continuously at work by means of the rising ozone bubbles.

The Ozone Micro Cell KOIZO3 4 Cells is now standard equipped with this module. The Soft Water Module is supplied with a handy wall bracket for easy installation.
Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell Soft Water Module
£ 94.95
Replacement Ozone Micro Cell Core Set (4 Pieces)
£ 79.95

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Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell

The New Aqua Forte Koizo3 Ozone Cell is our long-awaited, revolutionary ozone product!Ozone has traditionally been a topic of hot debate among professional koi keepers. The fact is that ozone possesses loads of... (click on image for more details)
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