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Koi Transport Bags

Koi Transport Bags
When you transport Koi from your dealer to your pond, your dealer will always use a plastic bag, plastic bags are also ideal for inspecting Koi. You can also use plastic bags for moving koi from one pond to another at home. It’s important that you use the correct technique for this process to ensure that it is as stress-free as possible for your Koi.

If you are moving koi further a field ,firstly you will need to catch and bowl the Koi you want to bag. You will also need to make sure that you have a bag of a suitable size, elastic bands and air or oxygen to inflate the bag to hand. Once you’ve bowled the Koi, take one plastic bag and fill it with a small amount of water. Then, place this bag inside another bag. This is called double bagging and is basically a safeguard in case one bag leaks.

When you’ve created the double bag, roll the tops of the bags down to prevent water getting in between the two. Then, take hold of the bag at each side and place it into the bowl – gently follow the Koi until it swims into the bag.

Once the Koi is in the bag, check how much water the bag contains. If you’re transporting small Koi, a third of the bag should be filled with water. For larger Koi ensure that there is enough water to cover the Koi. Keeping this in mind, add or remove water until you have a suitable amount.

You can now lift the bag out of the pond and lie it flat ready for oxygenation. Unroll the top of the bag and remove any air by gently pushing on the bag to expel it. You can now fill the bag with air from an air pump or oxygen cylinder. The aim here is to try and get as much air into the bag as possible.

Once the bag is inflated with air or oxygen, you need to secure it using elastic bands. Each bag should be sealed individually and it is a good idea to use two or three bands on each one, just in case any of the bands split in transit.
Koi Transport Bags 12 inch x 24 inch (box of 100)
£ 30.00
Koi Transport Bags 16 inch x 32 inch (box of 100)
£ 50.00
Koi Transport Bags 20 inch x 40 inch (box of 100)
£ 100.00
Koi Transport Bags 24 inch x 48 inch (box of 100)
£ 125.00
Koi Transport Bags 20 inch x 40 inch
£ 1.50
High Quality Jap Poly Bags (Set of 2) 50cm x 110cm
£ 3.95
High Quality Jap Poly Bags (Set of 2) 53cm x 140cm
£ 4.95
Elastic Bands 6 mm x 87 mm (450 gsm Per Box)
£ 8.95
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