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Koi Clear Gel

Koi Clear Gel

Koi Clear Gel

Simply dry and clean the wound or damaged area to be treated and apply the Koi Clear Gel liberally to the area and be amazed !

This revolutionary and brand new topical treatment really is the best thing we have come across for years. Koi Clear Gel is a blend of completely natural vegetable oils which have been infused with ozone.

The ozone turns the oils into a gel which looks and feels a little like Vaseline or Orabase cream which adheres well when applied. We all know how effective ozone is at killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, but ozone dissipates in minutes so has not been a practical proposition to add to a topical treatment before now.

However, the Japanese have come up with a clever way of blending ozone in the chosen oils so that it stays effective pretty much indefinitely.

Koi Clear Gel promotes rapid healing of damaged tissue as the wounds are rapidly cleaned of bacteria and other invasive pathogens, allowing the Koi own immune system to repair tissue damage.

Variants of Koi Clear Gel are now used for the treatment of serious infections in other animals and even human patients which do not respond to antibiotics or other treatments, and especially in post operative care, and similar types of products are now being widely used to treat all kinds of human skin conditions.

See Attached pdf on how to use Koi Clear Gel

As used by Sakuma fish Farm in Isawa - Japan!

Koi Clear Gel 50 ml
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