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Koi Bowls

Koi Bowls

It is really essential that you do have a selection of good bowls from the small 22 inch diameter ones up to perhaps, depending on the size of your largest Koi 100 cm.

Handy bowls in various sizes for temporarily holding, showing, treating, or transporting of your fish. The fish can be kept in the bowl for several hours without any problems if you place an air pump in the bowl and cover the bowl with a lid. Refresh the water regularly.

Bowls should always be cleaned out thoroughly after use and remember to do this every time, it is no use grabbing a dirty and possibly contaminated bowls when you urgently need one to treat one of your koi.

Round Koi Bowl 22 inch (56 cm) Dia x 10 inch (25 cm) Deep
£ 17.95
Round Koi Bowl 24 inch (61 cm) Dia x 10 inch (25 cm) Deep
£ 19.95
Round Koi Bowl 26 inch (66 cm) Dia x 10 inch (25 cm) Deep
£ 22.95
Round Koi Bowl 28 inch (71 cm) Dia x 12 inch (31 cm) Deep with measure
£ 27.95
Elasticated Cover Net for 28 inch Dia x 12 inch Deep Bowl
£ 19.95
Koi Pro Blue Koi Bowl 67 cm Dia
£ 39.95
Koi Pro Blue Koi Bowl 80 cm Dia
£ 64.95
Japanese Koi Bowl 100 cm Dia
£ 414.95
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