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Japanese koi Nets

Japanese koi Nets

These Genuine Japanese koi Handling Nets are truly the finest Koi Nets in the World they are of the highest quality and standard.

If you examine any other manufacturers nets and then compare them to these genuine Japanese koi nets, you will see the main, and most important difference, which is the clever 'riffling' of the metal net frame and the cord that is used to lash the actual net to the frame lays inside this 'riffling' making it almost impossible for you to wear the net out when, as we all do, we run the net along the bottom or the sides of the pond, or tank.

Another distinct advantage to the Japanese Koi Net is the strength of the pole, or handle, made entirely from seasoned hard wood and the frame of the net is very firmly attached to this handle giving tremendous strength to the whole Japanese Koi Net, which feels very firm in your hands and gives you immense sense of control which of course is extremely important to have when you are attempting to catch a particular Koi as swiftly as possible without causing too much stress.

The only disadvantage of the Japanese Koi Nets we do have of course is the cost of shipping these magnificent koi nets into the UK, a cost of course that no importer can afford to discount and these shipping charges do add to the price of the net, but in our honest opinion these costs are well worth bearing to be able to own such a superb koi Handling Net as these genuine Japanese Koi Nets.

Japanese Koi Net 80 cm Dia Net x 2.7 m Hardwood Handle
£ 375.00
Japanese Koi Net 100 cm Dia Net x 2.7 m Hardwood Handle
£ 435.00
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