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Interpet Pond Balance

Interpet Pond Balance

Interpet Pond Balance

Pond Blanket weed control is a problem that affects most ponds (particularly those which are UV filtered) the rapid growing filamentous stringy algae can spoil the appearance of the pond. It will also clog pumps and filtration equipment.

Award winning Interpet Pond Balance is the solution to this problem

Interpet Pond Balance is a unique non-algicide plant friendly formula ensuring that no harm comes to any other pond plants, fish, filtration bacteria or water using wildlife.

Interpet Pond Balance does not affect plants because it works by making unavailable a nutrient only required by filamentous algae and thus literally starves it out of existence.

Interpet Pond Balance also contains plant stimulants and so helps establish a naturally balanced pond.

Pond Balance 56000 gallon
£ 164.95
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