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Hikari Food Container

Hikari Food ContainerHikari Food Container

Choose the right Koi food

Choosing the right food for your Koi is one on the most important decisions you must make. Koi Carp is committed to offering a wide selection of medicated, colour enhancing, growth stimulating and sustaining foods.

The feeding pattern, and thus the growth rate, of Koi depends on many factors, such as water temperature, water quality, stocking density and genetic background Koi feed most actively at temperatures in excess of 15c(59F), thus sexually immature fish can grow rapidly during the summer months when the temperature is warmer.

Keep your chosen koi food fresh by using our Large Hikari Koi Food Container which holds 10 kg (30 ltrs) of Hikari or Saki Hikari Food. Comes with a sealed lid to keep your koi food as fresh as possible. Keeping your koi food sealed helps keep your koi food dry and free from natural air that can deplete the added vitamins and minerals within the fish food.

Saki Hikari contains beneficial live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms and is better kept free of direct sunlight, high humidity, using the hikari food containers will keep the product as fresh as possible and the hikari Germ count at preferred levels, by using the Hikari Food Container will keep the superior nutrition you expect from Saki Hikari Koi Foods.

Water Temp
in °(C)
Feeding QuantityFood Type
less than 10Do not feed KoiTemps. at 10° C of more than one month may require supplemental feedings of low protein high carbohydrate.
10-132-3 times a week
(if Koi are hungry)
High carbohydrate, low protein, laxative type foods.
Wheat germ, squash, lettuce & brown bread.
13-154-5 times per week
(if Koi are hungry)
Add low protein (25%) pellets along with vegetables.
Increase quantities gradually as temp. increases.
15Once per day six days a weekLow protein (25%) pellets along with high carbohydrate vegetables and fruit.
15-18Once or twice per day everydayGradually increase protein in pellets (35%) and quantity of pellets. Vary diet with vegetables and fruits.
18-22Once or twice per dayBulk of diet should be 35% protein pellets.
Add fruits, vegetables and plankton for variety.
22-263-4 times a dayHigh protein pellets (35% to 40%) with color enhancers. Add plankton, vegetables, fruits and shrimp.

Hikari Food Container 10 kg (30 ltrs)
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