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Japanese Granite Kasuga Lanterns

Japanese Granite Kasuga Lanterns

Japanese Granite Kasuga Lanterns

Japanese Granite Kasuga Lantern is an important Shinto shrine, established in 768AD and a world heritage site. The interior is notable for a collection of bronze and stone lanterns.

Over three thousand lanterns also line path to the shrine, that passes through a deer park where the animals, who are thought to be messengers from Shinto gods, roam free.

Your garden may well be on a smaller scale but a granite Japanese Granite Kasuga Lanterns
will immediately introduce the spirit of Japan, changing what may be an average landscape into one with a definite theme.

Beautifully detailed and stunningly proportioned, how good will this lantern look next to a pond swimming with Japanese koi carp.

Japanese Granite Kasuga Lantern Dimensions

Small - Height 60cm x Width: 25cm x Length: 25cm - Weight: 40kg
Large - Height: 120cm x Width: 50cm x Length: 50cm - Weight: 150kg


All sculptures are hand carved in solid granite and, unlike concrete, sandstone and inferior materials, will not deteriorate due to adverse weather conditions.

Pre-drilled for an electric cable should you wish to install a light. For extra stability we recommend to use clear silicon between the sections.

Japanese Granite Kasuga Lantern Small
£ 310.00
Japanese Granite Kasuga Lantern Large
£ 525.00
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