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Lice Solve

Lice Solve
Lice solve is a specially developed unique formulation containing emamectin for the treatment of external parasites such as Argulus (fish lice) and Ergasilus (gill maggot) in ornamental fish including koi.

Emamectin was originally developed for the control of sea lice in farmed salmonids by oral administration. Lice solve has been specifically developed by Fish Treatment Ltd for the hobbyist, and its easy-to-use formulation means that fish can be treated by immersion in the product.

It can be used directly into the pond or tank where the fish are kept, or fish can be moved into a separate treatment tank for the treatment period. Make sure that the water is well oxygenated during treatment.

The special formula of Lice solve allows you to just simply tip the sachet into some pond or tank water, stir, and then pour into the pond or tank.

Repeat treatment after one month to ensure developed eggs are killed.
Use once a year as a routine treatment to prevent the build-up of parasites such as Argulus and Ergasilus, and to take care of the parasites or their eggs overwintering.

Extensive trials have shown no toxic effect of emamectin on the natural wildlife of the pond, and the active ingredient rapidly biodegrades in water in sunlight.

Emamectin is deactivated by UV light and carbon filters so these must be turned off for 24 hours after the Lice-solve is put into the pond.
Lice Solve 100 gsm
£ 54.95

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