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Fluke Solve

Fluke Solve

Fluke Solve for effective control of flukes.

Fluke Solve is the result of in-depth research by veterinary fish experts who have recognised the need for ornamental fish keepers to have access to high quality veterinary pharmaceutical products, without prescription, which are both safe and effective.

The active ingredient in Fluke-Solve is Praziquantel which has been used in a range of fish species for the control of a variety of fish parasites since the early 1990's, with specific studies in carp for cestode (tapeworm) infestations as well as ectoparasites such as monogean trematodes, or flukes.

Extensive trials have shown no toxic effect of Praziquantel on the natural wildlife of the pond. Koi Carp has a policy of always seeking to improve its products, and hence further refinements have resulted in Fluke-Solve™, the next generation product.

Although this powder still retains its easy-to-use format (just rip and tip the sachet into some pond water, stir, and return to the pond) it now has the added benefit that it can be used at much colder temperatures, it has been successfully trialled at temperatures as low as 3˚C!!

One simple treatment is all that is required for adult flukes and larvae, with a second dose a couple of weeks later to take care of any hatching eggs.

The method of treatment using Fluke-Solve is as follows:-

Sufficient product should be used to ensure a concentration of 4 grams of Fluke-Solve per 1000 litres (220 gallons) of water.

Directions for use:

Turn off any Ozone, UV filters can be left on. Add the required amount of powder to 5 litres of pond water in a clean container and stir for one minute.

Immediately add this stock solution to the pond. Leave for 24 hours.

Can be used, if required once a year as a routine to prevent the build-up of flukes. Particularly useful for conditioning newly bought koi.

Fluke Solve at correct dosage can be used in koi ponds without affecting either bacterial filters or plants.

Fluke Solve is manufactured to the highest European Pharmaceutical standard under a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Licence.

Fluke Solve,has been specially developed for use by Fiona Macdonald BVMS MRCVS, a fish vet. You can be assured of its quality.

Praziquantel does not usually dissolve well in water, and many products use powder which needs to be added to solvents before use. The special formulation of Fluke Solve has overcome this problem, allowing you to use an effective dose without the risks of other additions.

Fluke Solve 100 gsm
£ 44.95

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