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Fluke Solve Plus

Fluke Solve Plus

Extensive research has resulted in the creation of Fluke Solve Plus, a specially developed product for the treatment of the resistant flukes which are now causing serious problems in koi.

Fluke Solve Plus uses a combination of the proven technology of Fluke Solve (praziquantel) with a new active ingredient (nitroscanate). The special formulation of praziquantel, which easily and rapidly dissolves in ponds and tanks, combined with nitroscanate, means you can see it dispersing through the water as soon as you add it to your pond or tank.

It is suitable for ornamental pond fish, including in the presence of salt when added as a therapeutic. Fish can be fed normally during treatment. Fluke Solve Plus is safe with biofilters and plants.

Ho to Use Fluke Solve Plus

Use at a rate of 4g powder per 1,000 litres (220 gallons) of pond or tank water. Simply take a clean container of the pond or tank water and add the required dosage of Fluke Solve Plus to it, then stir. Immediately add this stock solution to the pond or tank, and then rinse out the container with the pond or tank water and add that as well. If necessary, a separate tank can be used to treat the fish for a treatment period of at least 48 hours.

Take care to turn off skimmers while it is in use since they will remove the praziquantel from the water, as will modern filtration systems which use carbon derivatives or other adsorbent materials and some drum filter technologies.

In the case of some rare resistant egg-laying flukes repeat the initial dose after 3 weeks to ensure the active ingredients are in the water long enough to kill any hatching fluke larvae and break the cycle of infection.

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Fluke Solve Plus 100 gsm
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