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Air Micro Bubbler

Air Micro Bubbler

Oxygen depletion has always been a problem associated with warmer water and higher stocking levels, “NOT ANYMORE”.

Koi and aerobic bacteria in particular are extremely reliant on well-oxygenated water requiring a minimum of 6mg per ltr. Realising the importance of oxygenation in today’s fish keeping environments and especially due to the increasing popularity of heating.

Koi Carp have, after considerable research, developed the MicroBubbler. Manufactured from strong, “ENTIRELY FISH SAFE”, medication and UV resistant materials. Being totally devoid of any raised or sharp edges to damage your fish. Suitable for salt or fresh water and any temperature.

It is equally at home in not only Koi or garden ponds, commercial fish farms and aquariums both domestic and commercial, but also filters, where the gentle aeration and high oxygenation supports bacteria with minimum disturbance to detritus.

Each unit come with a 8 mm airline connection . The recommended airflow is between 20-120 litres per min depending on the size of unit being used.

Due to the unique “REEDVALVE” design of the perforations it is for the most part self-cleaning and extremely low maintenance. Giving years of trouble free operation it requires only very occasional removal and a wipe down with a clean cloth.

The valve system closes down when air is removed, which not only prevents dirt particles from entering but also eliminates the possibility of back siphoning.

All sizes having 180 micro engineered valve perforations per 25mm sq. Depending on the chosen size this is equal to between 2,000 and 12,900 perforations, giving greater surface areas and thus far greater oxygenation than anything else currently available.

Air Micro Bubbler 250 mm
£ 15.95
Air Micro Bubbler 510 mm
£ 22.95
Air Micro Bubbler 760 mm
£ 29.95
Air Micro Bubbler 1000 mm
£ 44.95
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